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Born to Sparkle


After over 30 years in the corporate world, I decided to follow my dream of owning my own boutique. Deciding to sell only “sparkly” things came naturally because I have always been drawn to bright, shiny objects and added glitter to everything. I figured there were more of my kind out there, so Be Sparklicious was born.

Be Dazzling


We all have our own unique sparkle within us so why not let it shine on the outside for everyone to be dazzled? From L.A. Glam to Texas Bling to New York Glitz, you can reveal your inner sparkle with items for your body, your home, your pets or wherever you want to Be Sparklicoius!

Store Location


Online only, but if you are local to Lubbock, Texas there is a local pick up location so you can save on shipping.

I don't love it because I sell it, I sell it because I love it!

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Be Sparklicious


(806) 368-8169

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